“After living in a new home, one comes to understand and more fully appreciate its character. This is certainly the case for the home Gerry Cowart designed for us in the Bull Point Plantation, Seabrook, SC. The intellectual content of the layout and design become clearer with every passing day. The new home is simply a marvelous place to live. Its access to the nature all around us is breathtaking. The library is exactly as we imagined … a quiet, contemplative and comfortable space. The living areas are open, airy and natural. The kitchen is an easy place to cook. The guest rooms and upstairs conversation area are welcoming and provide unexpected, but carefully planned, amenities. And the adjoining master suites are spacious, comfortable and have become personalized inner sanctums. Experience, often the best teacher, has proven Gerry Cowart’s knowledge and ability to happily capture of the intricate balance between a home and its natural setting.”

P. Morton

We recently purchased a 3 story, 5 bedroom house on St Simons Island, Georgia and are in the process of undertaking a complete gut remodel – pulling out everything down to the studs, converting garage to great room, adding a screened-in porch, breezeway and new garage with upstairs living space, bumping out the kitchen/dining room, and updating master bath. Everything will be brand new, from HVAC and electric, to walls and fixtures – a major undertaking. We searched extensively for an architect that had a foundation in the traditional southern aesthetic and also a sense of modern creativity. Gerry Cowart fit our aesthetic needs and seemed a very experienced architect to boot. We engaged with him for the architectural plans, construction drawings, and project management. We have completed construction drawings and are now ready to commence the construction phase and we wanted to share our experience with this wonderful guy. He has guided us through a complicated design process with patience and skill. His artistic sense and creativity helped us solve numerous design issues in an elegant fashion. His interpersonal manner is the perfect blend of taskmaster and partner/advisor – giving us the insights of his years of experience while also showing a strong desire to help us realize our vision of what we want. It seems sometimes that he knows what we want better than we do – the ultimate compliment in my book. We now see and feel the benefit of his wisdom in the final plans. He has a broad base of design skills which enable him to manage all phases of the project from soup to nuts – landscape design, architecture, interiors. We also have a great builder and a fantastic designer (these three individuals form a true dream team in our opinion) – but having Gerry’s experience and vision to oversee it all is invaluable. So far he is an excellent partner for us in this project and we could not be happier. We heartily recommend him to help make your vision a reality!”

Scott. C.

February 20, 2015


“Our experience working with Gerry Cowart and his firm was superb, producing a garage addition that blended perfectly with the existing garden walls as well as replicated the original details of our home to a ‘T’. Gerry’s skills in dealing with his clients and his professional talents made the product as well as the process a complete success.”

Kent H. 

“When I first hired Gerry to design my dream house, I knew I had found the right architect after the very first meeting. He understood completely what I was looking for and believe me the design i had in mind was unusual. One of the only guidelines I gave Gerry was build us a house in the woods that feels like you are in the woods and when someone pulls up , the front door is not visible. He blew me away with the first drawings! His enthusiasm and creativity as an architect is unmatched and his constant goal of perfection is remarkable. I would highly recommend Gerry for his unique and outstanding work, but more importantly an enjoyable experience..”

March 13, 2010
Mark M. 

“Gerry’s passion for a high level of design is evident in every project. He balances the art and science of architecture through a southern vernacular language that enhances the natural features of a site while creating healthy, energy efficient environments. Working for Cowart Coleman Group gave me a great entry into the architectural profession. Gerry Cowart is an exceptional Architect and I highly recommend his work.”

February 10, 2010
Paul M.

“Gerry’s many homes at Brays Island all benefit from his ability to optimise the home as it relates to the setting. He seems to recurringly get it right in terms of window placements for views and natural light. He is also ahead of the curve in terms of green design.”

Paul B

“I would not hesitate to recommend Gerry Cowart to anyone interested in superb architecture. Gerry is cooperative and insightful. He really listened to our needs and ideas. His design incorporated everything we wanted in a house perfectly within the limitations of the property. He provided us architecture with a lot of depth.”

Tobias R