Why We Hired You- Bill and Dona M. Dinkler

  • We love getting feedback from our lovely clients! Especially explaining as to why they chose our firm (Cowart Group Architects) over another.
  • The Dinklers have chosen a beautiful lot on Wilmington Island and we are overly joyed to help them design and build their dream.

“Why We Hired You”

Hi Gerry, Bill and I selected you over other architects for several reasons.

  • First, we studied your portfolio of completed projects and concluded that your design proclivities complimented our preferred style.  Our research also revealed that you excelled in designing houses to fit on small lots with beautiful live Savannah oak trees. Architects are trained to design any style of house, but we wanted an architect who specialized in the style we loved and who loved live oaks as much as we do.
  • Second, we needed a bit of hand holding, because we had never hired an architect or built a custom home. You patiently explained the design-build process to us, as well as the payment mechanisms. We concluded that you were not put off by our lack of experience and could probably handle any sophomoric question we might ask.
  • Our third reason for selecting you to design our house was our sense that you were a reasonable and congenial man with whom we could work.  We first hired you to simply help us select a lot. In retrospect, we think that was a brilliant move because we obtained not only a professional assessment of our options but an opportunity to work with you for a short time.  Couple this brief experience with our interview and research and we concluded that we could work successfully and enjoyably with you and your firm over a 12 month period. We were correct. Our experiences thus far have been fruitful and enjoyable.
Dona M. Dinkler