Recommendation for Gerald D. Cowart

After living in a new home, one comes to understand and more fully appreciate its character.

This is certainly the case for  the home Gerry Cowart designed for us in the Bull Point Plantation, Seabrook, SC.

The intellectual content of the layout and design become clearer with every passing day.  The new home is simply a marvelous place to live.  Its access to the nature all around us is breathtaking.

The library is exactly as we imagined … a quiet, contemplative and comfortable space.  The living areas are open, airy and natural.  The kitchen is an easy place to cook.

The guest rooms and upstairs conversation area are welcoming and provide unexpected, but carefully planned, amenities.

And the adjoining master suites are spacious, comfortable and have become personalized inner sanctums.

Experience, often the best teacher, has proven Gerry Cowart’s knowledge and ability to happily capture of the intricate balance between a home and its natural setting.


We enjoy our clients so much!