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In 1995 Cowart Group Architects was asked to develop a land plan based on Savannah’s Historic Context for a small residential community on a beautiful natural site. It overlooks the marshes of the Wilmington River, just east of Savannah, GA. The Development would be called “Emerald Point.”


The challenge was to create a high density neo-traditional land plan and to preserve the beautiful oaks and wetlands. We also wrote the Architectural guidelines to insure both historical character and environmental respect. 1995- Land Plan, Guidelines 1998- CE Hall Construction built this Cowart Group design.



1999- David Blurquiest builds Cowart Group designed house We designed two other homes, but have not designed there since 2000. The Neighborhood has matured well and the last of the lots are being built on. We are now “back” with CE Hall Construction and are designing a beautiful home on one of the more sensitive marsh lots. The home is for a couple and their two young children. They both work in Computer Science with The Savannah College of Art and Design.

emerald point